Collection: Lily of Valley Faerie

A cute fairy wearing a lily-white dress and flower crown, standing among lily of the valley flowers. She puts her right hand to her mouth, hangs her head slightly, and smiles shyly. A small and cute flower fairy with a taste similar to early Daisy and mid-season Golden Lilies.

lily of valley

Customer's impressions

・The lily of the valley and flower crown at her feet, and the many small white flowers decorated at the hem of her skirt are very cute, and the lime green rhinestones sparkle and reflect beautifully. I was really happy to be able to welcome figurine, who unexpectedly returned to its early, simple beauty.

・A fairy with a very neat and beautiful face that will make you feel at ease. They are small and cute, like Daisy in early days, and when the two of them are placed next to each other, they seem to be having fun chatting.