FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I would like to know when the out-of-stock Figurine will be in stock.

A: The Crisalis Collection is a world-limited item sold mainly in Europe. The number of production and current inventory is limited, and if it cannot be restocked from distribution stock, it will be discontinued. Please purchase your favorite figurine as soon as possible.

Q: I did not receive the "Order Confirmation" email.

A: Immediately after placing your order, the server will automatically send you an "Order Confirmation" email. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder in your email software. If you use mobile email, please set it so that you can receive PC email from "crisalis.jp" and "atworth.com". For details, please check with your provider or mobile phone company. If you still do not receive it after checking these, please contact us from this page .

Q: Switching between Languages and Currencies

A: You can switch between languages (Japanese and English) and currencies (Japanese Yen, US Dollar, and Euro) using the menu at the top and bottom of the page.

Even when you switch to English, if the currency is Japanese Yen, some Japanese text will remain to accommodate purchases within Japan. Changing the currency will switch the shopping cart to be suitable for international use. Depending on your preferences, please adjust both language and currency to suit your usage environment.

Q: Regarding the number of ★

A: All Crisalis collections are limited edition items. Depending on its rarity, it is rated and listed from ★ (1 star) to ★★★★★ (5 stars). ★ is a method commonly used to express the rarity of collectible items, but there is no absolute evaluation standard, so please consider this as a reference. All items are evaluated as new and imported directly from the UK. We do not handle parallel import items or used items.

★ (1 star = Common): This item is currently in stock and available for purchase. We are maintaining the initial price level from the beginning of its availability and offering a price range from a premium price to 30% off or more, depending on the condition. It is a common and typical item.

★★ (2stars = Uncommon):This item is somewhat rare, with limited availability in stock. It may be challenging to obtain, and its rarity surpasses the typical range. It is an uncommon and unique item.

★★★ (3stars = rare): This item is scarce, with limited stock compared to 2-star items. While there is high demand from customers, the stock is limited. It is a rare and uncommon item.

★★★★ (4stars=Epic): This item is exceptionally rare and rarely seen, making it a valuable and precious piece. It holds high value as a collector's item. It is an epic and extremely valuable item.

★★★★★ (5stars=Legendary): Extremely rare and highly popular, this is a special item. It is the most scarce within the collection and is a legendary item that is in high demand among customers.

Q: About product price

A: All products are brand new and imported directly from the UK, and there may be brush marks and uneven coloring due to hand painting. Prices vary depending on the condition of the product, so please check the product description and detailed photos. Prices are subject to change without notice due to shipping costs, exchange rates, etc.

Q: About individual photos and discounts

A: The products are inspected in the UK and normally sold in Europe. However, in Japan, some customers are concerned about slight unevenness of color on their faces. For this reason, Atworth offers generous discounts as a service to customers who can post individual photos and accept uneven coloring.

In descriptions of the condition, when 'right' or 'left' is mentioned, it always refers to the viewer's right or left when facing the figure directly. For example, if it says 'There is slight discoloration on the right cheek,' it means the right side as seen by the viewer, or, in other words, it refers to the left cheek of the figure.

Q: Are uneven colors and brush marks on areas other than the face taken into consideration in the price?

A: It is difficult to explain everything in detail, so please refrain from commenting on areas other than the face that are within the normal range, such as uneven coloring. Although the explanation in the details column focuses on the face, discounts are determined based on the whole, not just the face.

Q: Hand painted condition and discount details

A: For ★ (1 star) items, those with hand-painted color unevenness and brush strokes within the normal range will be considered the "standard price," and items that are more noticeable than the normal range will be discounted by 10% to 30% or more. 10% to 20% OFF is the most popular option, and there are many bargain items. ``Premium'' has no noticeable color unevenness or brush marks, and is a particularly high quality item in the series. We offer these in smaller quantities than the standard and at a premium price.

For items rated ★★ (2 stars) or higher, we comprehensively judge the rarity and condition of the item, and apply a discount from the rarity price determined by the number of ★.

The outer box and styrofoam may have damage due to import or aging, which is taken into consideration in the price. Particularly eye-catching items will be offered without the outer box after a discount. Since it will be packed using special styrofoam and air packing, there will be no problems during transportation.

Q: About maintenance

A: Figure Linn is hand painted with soluble paint. Please avoid spraying with water as this may affect the paint. The surface is very delicate. If cleaning is absolutely necessary, we recommend wiping it gently with a soft cloth or removing dust with a camera lens brush.

Q: About updating the product page

A: Products are constantly changing, so please refresh your browser to see the latest page. Even after reloading, you may still see old images remaining in your browser. In that case, please try super reloading your browser.
・Windows (IE, Chrome, Firefox): Ctrl + F5
・Mac (Chrome, Firefox): Command key + Shift + R
・For smartphones and tablets, please clear the cache from the browser menu.

Q: Regarding the product's outer box and inner box (styrofoam)

A: Normally, our products come in a presentation box with color illustrations. (*Some initial products may use white boxes without illustrations.) Since the boxes are used for transportation, there may be some scratches or dents on the corners and surfaces, but this may affect the figure. There is no impact. The condition of the outer box and inner box (styrofoam) will be noted in the product description column, and if the damage is within the normal range, the item will be accepted as a gift. If the outer box or styrofoam is severely damaged, we will repair it with urethane if necessary and then package it, so there will be no problems with transportation. When shipping, the outer box will be wrapped with bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box for shipping.

Q: Regarding damage and fading of the box due to aging, and the effect on the main unit.

A: Nearly 30 years have passed since the early works were released, and some of the boxes and accompanying cards may have stains or damage due to age, but this does not affect Figurine. We have been displaying Figurine in our room under natural light and normal lighting since its release in the UK, and we have not seen any change in the paint color. The back of the pedestal is unpainted resin (white), so early works may have slight stains or bleeds from solvents. The state of the box's damage, stains, and bleeding (including the back of the pedestal) due to age are also reflected in the price at the time of sale.

Q: About serial numbers, certificates, and mini catalogues.

A: All Crisalis Collection figures have serial numbers. The serial number is handwritten on the back of the figure's base. A certificate with the serial number and a mini catalog are included as accessories. A small folded card is attached to the angel figure only. Early paint box products also have a type of certificate that does not have a serial number written on it. The types of mini-catalogs vary depending on the production period of the work, and include figures that have already been retired. (*Accessories are subject to change.)