About CrisalisJP

Charm of the Collection

Crisalis Collection' angel and fairy figures are full of cuteness and charm. Their cute expressions and poses have the power to heal your heart. By collecting Crisalis figures, you can bring healing to your daily life. Touching the images and presence of angels will soothe your heart. Also, the gentle colors and designs of the fairies will soothe your heart.

The Crisalis collection is like a gift from heaven. The excellent design and use of colors give it an even more soothing and soothing effect. The Crisalis collection has healing power, allowing you to feel calm and free from everyday fatigue and stress. Collecting them will make you feel happier.

Beautiful and Delicate Design

The Crisalis collection is a figure with an attractive realistic design. It has a solid shape and expressiveness with attention to detail, giving it a presence that makes you feel as if they are a living angel or fairy right in front of your eyes. You can fully experience the beauty and mysterious charm of angels, and we also recommend fairy figures with cute poses and facial expressions.

Angels have been considered sacred in various cultures and religions since ancient times, and have been believed to bring peace and healing to people. Just looking at its image and presence will soothe your heart. Just looking at the happy smiling faces of the little fairies is soothing. Just display it in your room and it will create a relaxing space. Please start your collection.

About CrisalisJP

London in the winter of 2000. The owner, who is on a business trip to Europe, casually peeks into an art shop and spots a beautiful fairy in a corner. That was our encounter with the Crisalis Collection.

chrysalis collectors club Atworth started as a personal import agency through BBS, which was launched in 2001, and became a corporation three years later. We have been recognized as a sole agent in Japan for the British CCC (Crisalis Collectors Club), which has been run by author Christine Haworth for a long time.

The angels and fairies that Christine drew from England, the homeland of angels and fairies, are now being delivered to loyal Christine fans not only in Japan but also in North America, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, and other countries. 

The reason why it has been loved for so long is because of its beautiful and delicate design, lifelike presence, and reasonable price. One of our features is that we have many repeat customers. There are many customers who have carefully displayed angels and fairies for long period of around 20 or 30 years.

We will deliver our products with all our heart so that angels and fairies will continue to bring undying love and happiness to both long-time customers and new customers who have recently discovered Crisalis. 

About Christine Haworth

The Crisalis Collection is more than just imaginary figures. The angels and fairies that the author, Christine Haworth, saw and felt in her heart's eye are carefully hand-painted and created with all her heart.

Christine Haworth is an artist from Lancashire, England. She was good at drawing since she was a child and majored in illustration at Wolverhampton School of Art. After graduating, she worked as an illustrator and figurative artist, holding many successful solo exhibitions from the late 1970s to the 1980s.

Christine Her works span a variety of genres, including dolls, greeting cards, mugs, and costume designs, and are widely loved, especially in Europe.

Christine is one of the world's top designers, having designed costumes for the Royal Ballet, one of the world's three major ballet companies. Each of her designs boasts the beauty and artistry of a work of art.

Crisalis Collectors Club Ltd (CCC) is a licensor that manages the copyrights and licenses the production of Christine Haworth designs.

Christine said, ``I am very happy to connect with people all over the world, including Japan, and to hear positive comments about my artwork. ” she says.



Customer Testimonials

Here are some of the comments we received from our customers. Please note that some proper nouns and context will be omitted when quoting. Also, the photos in this article were provided by a different customer than the one mentioned in the review.

  • Perfect beauty in pose, expression, and costume. Each piece has a high degree of perfection, and I'll want them all.

    precious child
  • By kindly providing photos and explanations, I can truly feel the joy and peace of mind of choosing one.

  • After placing the fairy in the room, the room itself became brighter. There have been some nice changes in my life, and I'm glad to have this.

  • I'm glad that the very wonderful angels and fairies came (*^_^*) I'm glad that the room is gorgeous! ! ! I can get a sense of how nice it is just by looking at it in the image, but what if I felt its presence in real life? ! ! After all, I have no choice but to buy it and experience it. These are the wonderful Crisalis angels and fairies.

    crystal star
  • I think one of the characteristics of the Crisalis collection is that the details are really beautiful, and I also feel a strange charm about the poses where they look like they're about to start moving, and how you can make eye contact with them even when they're staring off into the distance. The expressions on the wings are all wonderful. When I actually met the child I liked in the photo, I realized that even though she was small (and that smallness was wonderful), she had a very strong presence, and the more I looked at her, the more I felt her personality even stronger, and I fell in love with her even more. All of the children we have welcomed into our home are ones I like in photos, so I love them so much.

  • I really feel like she's there to protect me. Since this angel arrived, happy events have continued, and it has brought a happy light to my daily life.

    sea ​​anemone
  • I already have three Crisalis figurines on display (I gave them to a friend as a gift at a beauty salon and they were very happy), and the workmanship is fine, the faces are elegant, and the colors are beautiful. Ever since I was little, I had never been interested in figurines. I don't really like figurines and get scared because I feel like I'm being watched. But on the contrary, they soothe my heart every day and I never get tired of them no matter how much I look at them. When we have visitors, everyone praises these children. Crisalis truly has a mysterious charm.

  • I think it's amazing that even though there are so many types, each piece is different in expression, costume, feather design, and coloring. Each piece creates a unique and beautiful world, but when I combine multiple pieces, I can experience a completely different and rich world of angels and fairies.

    Follow Your Dreams
  • This is the first time I have seen such a beautiful and elaborate figurine. Most of the time I'm concerned about small details such as misaligned eyes or strange facial expressions, but I have no complaints about the Crisalis collection. First of all, I've said it many times...The best part is that I can check the photos before purchasing! I also think that the unique character of hand painting is wonderful. The reason it looks so alive is probably because the craftsmen put their soul into painting the fairies that Christine has seen in real life, in the shape of what might actually exist.

  • I wasn't really interested in dolls, but I fell in love with them at first sight, and little by little I have been welcoming these wonderful angels and fairies into my home. When I look at these children, I feel a sense of power and it heals me from the bottom of my heart.

  • The moment I took it out of the box, I felt a bright power. The atmosphere of the room has changed. I'm glad I bought it.

  • I have a busy day at work, but looking at the figurine I bought gives me peace of mind.

  • They were all really beautiful and I had a hard time choosing. . . I feel the delicate and gentle vibrations.

    soul song
  • As always, I was excited to open the package, but...in the photo it looked sharp, but in reality it was an adorable baby with a soft and gentle expression, so I was both surprised and deeply moved. I'm very happy that it seems like it's going to fit into our home. I really can't get enough of watching it.

  • Ever since I know Atworth, I have been surrounded by angels and fairies and have felt at ease every day.

    Whispy Sprite
  • I was surprised at the quality, which exceeded my expectations. This performance is amazing at this price.

  • I think it's rare to find a shop that is built from the customer's perspective, where I can choose the products I like. With lots of photos, I can take a closer look than buying at a store. The service is polite and I can use it with confidence.

  • All of the children were really cute and cute, and my family and I were in awe of them.

  • I suddenly couldn't get her image out of my head... Could this be an encounter? It made me think that these children might actually exist.

    guardian angel
  • Before it arrived, I was nervous and nervous. When I picked it up, I thought to myself, ``Ah, these are the fairies and angels I wanted.'' I'm starting to think that fairies and angels are real, even though they can't be seen with the naked eye. Christine may have given form to these things so that they can be seen with the naked eye.

  • All the children are delicate and beautiful, and when I look at them, I feel my feelings softening. I also want to admire their beauty, even if just a little. I also want them to feel comfortable, so I clean them. There are also unexpected effects...(^^)

  • Really nice. It seems like the room I put it in becomes brighter and gives off a beautiful aura. I'm already starting to think about which child to adopt next.

    midnight magic
  • When I was wondering which fairy to pick up with me, I felt like I was told, ``Please leave me by your side.'' Of course I'm happy and decided to make the decision right away (*^_^*) I'm looking forward to everyone coming to my house ☆

  • I felt that the message was that if there is no peace within oneself (heart), there will be no peace in the world. She is an angel that makes I feel calm just by looking at her.

  • It's more wonderful than I imagined. I'm really glad I asked.

  • It was only when I brought them to the window that the sun started to shine. Even when I look at it, I feel so relaxed, just like the sun shining through it, and I feel like I'm the one making them happier ^^

    winter jasmine
  • Your company explains everything in detail and I can check images before making a selection, so I can make a purchase with great peace of mind and satisfaction. Every time I welcome them into my home, even in real life, for some reason I feel it's strange that I have more and more connections with wonderful, spiritual friends.

Would you like to have a wonderful experience like those who have already become owners? Please take a look and see for yourself. When you pick it up, you can feel the presence of Christine's angels and fairies. We hope to bring you an encounter with such wonderful angels and fairies that will bring happiness to your room.