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Crisalis Collection ★ Hunter's Moon (1-431) Standard

Crisalis Collection ★ Hunter's Moon (1-431) Standard

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Hunter's Moon also has the meaning of ``the full moon after the harvest month,'' but the literal meaning of this figurine is ``Hunter's Moon.'' A brave little fairy called "Patrick" is dressed as a hunter. A fellow barn owl is perched on my arm, looking around. This work is full of imagination, like a scene from a fantasy novel.

[About this product]

Figure made by Crisalis Collectors Club Ltd., UK. A limited edition product with delicate modeling and careful hand painting. The serial number is written on the back of the pedestal, and a card with the same number is included. Crisalis JP lists the serial number and individual photo of each item. You can check the hand-painted condition in the photo before making your selection.
Material: resin
Size: width approx. 7.5cm, depth approx. 6cm, height approx. 14cm


This is a standard price item.
The color unevenness at the tip of the nose is slightly noticeable, but it is within the normal range. The expression is good, and the outer box, styrofoam, and cards are in good condition, making it a perfect gift.
Serial number: 1/431/7200

The photo is of the actual item you will receive. All products are brand new and imported directly from the UK. We do not handle parallel imports or second-hand items, so please purchase with confidence.

[About the Crisalis Collection]

Three-dimensional figurines of angels, fairies, and nostalgic European children based on the works of British author Christine Haworth. Each piece is created with great care, with delicate shapes and careful hand painting. There are many enthusiastic fans, mainly in Europe, and many works have been released since the 1990s.
Christine Howarth
"Angels and Fairies Collection" is operated by Atworth Inc., the official shop of the British CCC (Crisalis Collectors Club).

With its beautiful and delicate design and presence, which has been loved for over 20 years, we deliver figurines that bring healing, purification, and good luck to your heart at a reasonable price that can only be imported directly from the UK!

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