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American Picture Book Children Special Friends Collectible Doll "Emmanuel's Gift"

American Picture Book Children Special Friends Collectible Doll "Emmanuel's Gift"

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[About Emmanuel's Gift]

Katie was chosen to play the role of the Virgin Mary in the Sunday School Nativity play. Joined by her friends Sam, Ted, and Andy, she completed her role. And now everyone understands the true meaning of Christmas.
Material: Resin
Size: Width approx. 15.5cm, depth approx. 10.5cm, height approx. 13.5cm
Due to size and weight constraints, this item cannot be shipped overseas.


We have secured a rare stock of this series that is difficult to obtain elsewhere. It will be available in limited quantity and at the same price level as when it was first released. The outer box has noticeable stains due to aging of the paper, and there are some dents, so we are discounting the price, but there are no problems with use. Styrofoam is in good condition. The doll has no signs of aging and remains as beautifully shaped and colored as it was when it was created.

[About Special Friends]

A rare collectible doll from the late 1990s that faithfully reproduces the characters from the picture book "Special Friends" by American fairy tale author Sherri Buck Baldwin. This series is so popular that it commands a premium among European and American collectors.

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