Collection: Your Hearts Desire

A fairy smiles gently, holding a diamond-encrusted heart that reflects your wishes. A pink heart-shaped tiara and a pale green robe wrapped around her waist have the same heart design. A beautiful fairy in a pale pink dress decorated with diamonds will help you make your heart's wishes come true.

your heart's desire

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・Great workmanship! No matter what you choose, Crisalis is by far the highest quality out there.

・Just by looking at this faerie, I feel like something in my heart is changing. It's a strange story, but I can't help but think that this faerie is alive. I really want to cherish it.

・Thank you very much for the wonderful item. Until she arrived, I felt like I was waiting for my lover. After actually holding it in my hands (and meeting this girl), I was even more impressed by its beauty.

・I fell in love with her at first sight ♪ I loved her beautiful face and the way she sat, which didn't suit her at all. I think my collection will continue to grow (^-^) Thank you very much.

·thank you very much. It's so beautiful that I just want to stare at it.