Collection: Baby's 1st Christmas

The first Christmas is spent surrounded by many colorful presents. The dignified expression of the boy surrounded by love is also impressive. This is a fun and cute piece that is perfect as a Christmas gift.

Babies First Christmas

Customer's impressions

・How lively and colorful are the toys spread out at the feet of the child in the white gown. I display it every year with the hope that the good fortune of having such a happy Christmas will continue in our home.

・The pile of presents is amazing! It's fun just watching!

・This is a very well-made and cute doll. I admired the baby's facial expressions, the texture of her clothes, and most of all, the cuteness, detail, and beauty of the colors of the many gifts placed on the floor. I thought this would be a Christmas gift, but I'm also going to order another one for myself. Thank you for always providing wonderful products.