Collection: Precious Faerie Child

A beautiful mother sits on a pink mushroom in a relaxed pose with her long legs stretching out from her pink dress and one knee up. Cute girl with her finger on her cheek and holding a small white flower. These are two beautiful fairies who spend an irreplaceable time together.

precious child

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・I was surprised when I opened the box and saw it live... The quality is so high that my heart is pounding. The beauty of the mother's face and the loveliness of the child made me say, ``Thank you for coming.'' It was the most moving experience I've ever had.

・Her face is very beautiful and wonderful, and I was relieved to see the happy and fulfilled look of the parent and child, so I decided to go with her right away. It has a soft and warm atmosphere.

・As the proverb goes, "There is no treasure more precious than a child." They are a family of fairies that perfectly convey the meaning of precious, precious, and cute!