Collection: Brambly Hedge Faerie

A bramble hedge is a hedge made of thorns, blackberries, etc. A young flaxen-haired fairy sitting on a blackberry. The color of the wings is a mix of dianthus and lilac in a cute bright pink outfit. She is a very cute fairy whose smile is soothing.

brambly hedge

Customer reviews (please scroll down)

・It looked exactly like my youngest sister's happy face and atmosphere when she was little, so when I saw the photo, I immediately decided, ``I have to get this as a present for my sister.'' The real thing is very cute as shown in the photo, and the dark purple color of the costume is also very beautiful.

・This was the first figurine I purchased. I am writing a review because I bought it again as a gift. This is an early work, a series about young children. Her pink outfit and innocent face are really cute. As Atworth explains, the official name is Brambly Hedge. Jill Barklem's picture book of the same name is a gentle British fantasy, and the Crisalis figure is also a gentle and wonderful British fairy.

・It was so beautiful and wonderful that it looked like it was alive. I would like to order again myself and will also recommend it to my friends.