Collection: This One's For You

This is a work released by Crisalis Collectors Club Ltd in the UK as part of the Faerie Poppets series. This One's For You means "This is for you." It is also used to say, ``I'll give this to you,'' by holding out a flower in your hand. The Japanese name is "For You", abbreviated from "This One's".

A figurine of two fairies, a boy and a girl. A boy is sitting on a marigold leaf, offering a flower to a girl standing next to him. These cute figurines look like a scene from a fairy tale, with the two still retaining their childlike qualities.

For You

Customer's impressions

・It feels like something out of a picture book, and the more you look at it, the cuter it becomes.

・I have it displayed in my bedroom, and my husband is very happy with how cute it is.

・This is a wonderful work that looks like the fairy in the flower garden that I imagined when I was a child. The fairy wings sparkle and are very beautiful. I want to cherish it forever. thank you very much.