Collection: Forest Faerie

She wears a hair ornament made of young grass and branches, and has a gentle and elegant smile. The costume has a complex design that combines light blue and young leaf color, creating a beauty that harmonizes with the trees and flowers of the forest. The fern leaves and small red flowers at her feet are accented with red on the surface and tips of her dress. The important role of fairies is to protect the forest. She is a kind and beautiful fairy who is perfect for such a role.


Customer's impressions

・Everything is nicer than it looks in the pictures. It seems to be an early product, so the sparkle is modest, but the green, forest fairy-like colors are very soothing.

-A gentle and elegant smile, natural pose, and beautiful style, this figure is truly a first-class figure.

・I think this is one of Christine's early works, and I'm glad I was able to obtain it. She wears a beautiful green costume, like a fairy who protects the forest. It's beautiful and relaxing when I look at it.