Collection: Follow Your Dreams

She is a fairy who supports you in your dreams. Holding a shining star in her hand, She will watch over you until your dreams come true. The soft gown and the stars at her feet are shining brightly for those who are chasing their dreams.

Follow Your Dreams

Customer's impression. (Please scroll down to see)

-The details are very detailed and beautifully drawn, and the face is even more beautiful than I expected. Just having one in my room is very relaxing.

・When I saw your photo, my eyes met and I decided to pick her up right away. It's strange. The figurine that I received was much more attractive than the photo on the web (meaning that it has a charm that can only be felt when you hold it in your hands), and it has a gentle presence. This may be the best experience in which the real thing surpasses the image in my mind.

・I received an email from a friend with a photo saying that he had decorated it right away. They said it was delicate and cute, so it was soothing. It seems like she liked it, so I'm happy too.

・It wasn't sold anywhere, so I finally found it and got it! It had some brush marks, but it didn't bother me at all, and I really liked the look on the face. I don't regret purchasing it.

・I especially liked the expression on this child's bottom photo. I forgot that it was a product, and my feeling of ``I want to meet this girl'' took over. . . I didn't notice any uneven coloring at all. When you actually hold it in your hands, you will notice how cute the pose and color scheme are! It really does feel like a fairy. It's beautiful no matter where you look at it. When the light hits your feet from above, they look even more sparkly and beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel happy. I am very happy to welcome this child. thank you!

-There are now two fairies, and they will be displayed on the first and second floors. They are so cute that I think it would be nice to display them in pairs like twins.

・I fell in love with this shop at first sight and bought it. She is as beautiful as the photo and is really beautiful. Thank you for your courteous and quick response. The uneven color doesn't bother me at all, and I would recommend it to my friends. Also thank you.

・I've been checking it out for a while! When I get caught up in work in my daily life, I tend to forget about the dreams I have in mind, so I bought this so I wouldn't forget it.☆ It had a very nice, beautiful color as I have imaged. I will always look at it and do my best to make my dreams come true! thank you very much.

・The finish of the doll is excellent and it looks great when you see it in person. The coloring is also wonderful. I like it very much. thank you very much.