Collection: Keeper of the Bee Orchis

Among the Crisalis collection, which has many fairies with a gentle and soft impression, this fairy is a work that gives a sense of strength and dignity. The intricate design of the Bee Orchis flower is incorporated into the fairy hair ornament and the costume, which resembles a warrior's costume, highlighting the beautiful and dignified expression of the fairy.

Bee Orchis

Customer's impressions

・The green and bright pink colors and delicate design are wonderful. I didn't notice it until now, but this girl is really beautiful!

・Looking at his fashionable costumes in chic colors and his dignified stance, you can feel the strength similar to that of an Ashura statue.

・This girl is more cool than cute! The costumes and facial expressions are so expressive that you'll be captivated by them. This design sense is simply amazing.