Collection: Angel of Divine Blessing

This angel will bring you blessings from heaven. May you be loved and blessed with everything you need at the right time and place. She is a beautiful angel who watches over you, wearing a grape-colored vest and soft skirt that shines in the moonlight.

divine blessing

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・As the description suggests, it is an angel that makes you feel blessed from heaven. The grape-colored vest and soft skirt that shine in the moonlight have a soothing beauty. I felt a calm sense of happiness in my heart, thinking that this angel was watching over me.

・This was my first purchase of an angel. I was impressed by the beauty of the colors of the feathers. The white cloud pedestal also has a refreshing feel. It has a different charm than the real fairy standing on the ground.

・Great workmanship! I am healed by an angel with a graceful, beautiful, and gentle face.

・Divine means "holy". As the name suggests, I thought it was an angel with a divine atmosphere. The uneven color didn't bother me at all. I will cherish it forever.

・I am captivated by the angel's melancholy and beautiful face and figure. The color is beautiful and the texture is good. I made a good purchase.