Collection: Angel of Tenderness

A gentle and calm expression. The voile dress has a small green heart and a heart-shaped wreath that she knitted. A beautiful angel with soft hair will always bring you unchanging kindness.


Customer reviews (please scroll down)

-White and green costumes, overall a very elegant atmosphere.

・Although it is a small figure, the delicate and precise coloring is applied, making it a masterpiece that will take your breath away. The angelic expression and the bunny were adorable, and my mother was very happy. Although the Crisalis collection is by a foreign artist, the faces are gentle and the colors are wonderful. All of them are attractive, so I would be happy if I could get my hands on them little by little. Next time I'll buy my own!

・Thank you for your careful packaging and quick response. The doll is more beautiful and made of fiber than I had imagined, and is a treasure that will last a lifetime. Am I the only one who thinks that the angel's hairstyle in Tenderness somehow resembles that of the late Princess Diana?

-The website is very easy to navigate and the customer service is polite and kind. Since the product is intended for ``decoration,'' I want to know the details in detail, and I take my hat off to the detailed product description that fully satisfies that desire. I can enjoy just looking at the beautiful photos.