Collection: Joy Bringer Angel


Please take a look at the expression of shining light emitted from both hands held up to the sky. Her costume is white, blue, orange, and gold, and her beautiful black hair is decorated with lilies. She is an angel who brings light of joy to everyone.

joy bringer

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・I believe that she is an angel that is needed now as we enter a new era. I'm glad she came.

- Decorated with angel wing rhinestones in three beautiful colors: blue, pink, and green, making it very beautiful. The overall use of white gives it a neat and clean impression, and it is a cute angel that looks like a sweet candy made of cream.

・She is a beautiful angel whose black hair matches her pure white costume and wings. Every time we meet, it makes me feel calm and happy.

-The white of the angel's clothes and white wings are very beautiful. The light emitted from the hands. I feel like the angel who came to me because of my connection will bring me happiness. I want to cherish it forever.