Collection: The Jewel Anemone Faerie

Jewel Anemone is a piece released by Crisalis Collectors Club Ltd in the UK as part of the Faerie Poppets series. Jewel Anemone in English can refer to a type of sea anemone, but what Christine drew is an anemone flower fairy.

Anemone is a beautiful flower that blooms in early spring and is native to the Mediterranean. The name comes from the Greek word "anemos", meaning "wind", as the seeds are carried by the wind. The figures use the impressive anemone flower colors of red, blue, and purple. The fairy wings also have a gradation of red, blue, and purple. Blue rhinestones sparkle on her chest, and her flaxen hair is decorated with many anemone flowers.

Jewel Anemone

Customer's impressions

・The red, blue, and purple colors of the anemone flowers and the gentle expressions of the fairies are very lovely.

・She has a fair complexion and a very beautiful face. The dress spread out with both hands is gorgeous and truly beautiful.

-The fairy's expression and the color of her costume are very beautiful. I feel like it cleans the air in my room just by putting it on, which is soothing.