Collection: Sunstar Princess

Sunstar Princess is a work released by Crisalis Collectors Club Ltd in the UK as part of the Faerie Poppets series. We don't think Sunstar is a very familiar word for Japanese. Similar names to this name, which include the words Sun and Star, Solaster and Sea stars both refer to sea creatures (starfish).

A large white and gold crown and a bright green necklace. A beautiful and enchanting princess wearing a pale colored dress and smiling as she sits on a golden throne.

Sunstar Princess

Customer reviews (please scroll down)

・A gentle expression, a sparkling chest, a large crown, and stylish legs that look like leggings. Although it is not flashy, it is elegant and gorgeous. Perfect for your favorite senior. I hope that she will become a kind guardian angel as she works to heal people.

- All of the children in the Crisalis collection are wonderful, but the poses of both the standing and sitting fairies are truly beautiful. Sunstar is also really beautiful and wonderful, even the position of her hands and the slight angle of her feet.

・Thank you for restocking! I'm very happy because this is the princess I've wanted for a long time!

・Both the dress and the crown are cute. The rhinestones in slightly different colors of purple and bright green were so beautiful that I was mesmerized by them.