Collection: Angel of Thankfulness

Angel of Thankfulness is a work released by Crisalis Collectors Club Ltd in the UK as part of the Angel Whispers series. Thankfulness expresses gratitude. Angel of "Kansha" in Japanese.

An angel wearing a deep green costume and looking up slightly with a shining expression. She is a beautiful angel who teaches us the importance of gratitude and that everything that happens in life leads to spiritual growth.


Customer reviews (please scroll down)

・I was fascinated by this angel's big eyes that seemed to speak to me. Actually, this is the girl I've been interested in since my last purchase. Since she is an angel, she must be above the clouds. When I see this child sitting in a sitting position with a slightly upward smile, I can't help but smile and say "thank you" and get energized. I'm so happy to have received her, whose details are truly beautiful and exactly as shown in the photo.

・I was surprised at the careful attention to detail. I would like to purchase it again.

・It was a very cute, nice and attractive product. I feel that the product is worth more than the price. I have purchased a lot at once, and I will continue to enjoy them. Thank you.