Collection: Angel of Beauty

A simple white gown with a gentle expression. She hopes that by gazing into the pearl-colored conch shell and celebrating the beauty that nature creates, you will find the inner beauty in yourself and others . She is an angel who brings beauty to your heart.

angel of beauty

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・In the product description, there was a specific mention of color unevenness in the brush marks, but this was completely acceptable to me. This child looked beautiful even from a distance, so I'm glad I took the plunge and purchased it. It is very beautiful. I like the way it looks diagonally to the left, so it doesn't bother me at all if it's facing this way. I'm glad I got to meet my favorite child.

・I am very satisfied, even more than the photo. I bought one for a friend's birthday, and I think she'll be happy with it. I'm looking forward to the day I give it to her. thank you very much.

・Although it has a mysterious appearance, it has a gentle expression that will make me feel calm. Even if something unpleasant happens, I can calm down by looking at it. I am grateful to Atworth for giving me a chance to meet this angel.