Collection: Angel of Comfort

An angel with a deep and mysterious beauty in her gentle smile. The soft gown and hair ornament are a combination of cool blue and gold, and many headstones are studded with them. A beautiful angel who will soothe your worries and gently embrace you.

angel of comfort

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・This is a very beautiful figure. It's not that long, but that's what makes it so cute. Considering the price, I think it would be a reasonable gift for a young woman.

・Two years ago, I gave this angel to my friend's daughter to pray for her admission to university, and she passed with flying colors! Last year, I gave it to another friend's son and he passed the test again. What's more, it's a very difficult school! Rumors spread, and this year we decided to give away three. In our family, she is known as the "angel of success." (lol)

・It is so divinely beautiful that you might think it looks like a real angel. I am truly grateful that I was able to meet this angel at Atworth.

・I had been interested in her for a while, but suddenly I really wanted to meet her, so I asked her to come. She has an oriental atmosphere that is a little different from other angels, and her gentle and gentle expression is very soothing. Maybe my heart, which was a little tired from my busy daily life, naturally drew me to it.

・She is a very beautiful angel with a divine touch in her smile. It has a very nice expression, its wings are dignified, and I can feel the strength in its calmness, which is wonderful! It really seems like it will gently cover your worries. I think the best way to describe it is to say it's divine overall. I feel something that is difficult to put into words. . . I felt very lucky to have her. thank you!

・I was wondering if there would be a Crisalis collection like the Mary statue, and I found it! Crisalis's works are very beautiful and soothing. We also provide peace of mind with our prompt, courteous response and packaging. Thank you.