Collection: Little Angel of Grace

She has an innocent and adorable expression as she tilts her head inside the soft hood and hat. She has a small body and beautiful wings, and is wearing a fluffy gown of pale pink and blue on a white background. An angel who shines with purity and beauty and brings you divine grace and unconditional love. Perfect for birthday celebrations and gifts for loved ones.

angel of grace

Customer's impressions

-The color of the feathers is very nice. The way she sits is cute, and the way he casually stares at her is also cute. When I held it in my hand, I couldn't help but want to rub my cheek against it.

・The website's explanations are easy to read, the response is quick, and the packaging is very careful, so I returned to the site again. It's especially fun just looking at the many photos and easy-to-understand explanations on the website, so I keep coming back to visit. Of course, the faces of real angels are all wonderful and there is nothing strange about them. I look forward to working with you again if you have the opportunity.