Collection: Faerie of the Ancient Oak

Oak is popular in Europe as a tree that appears in mythology, and is also widely used in furniture due to its hardness and beautiful grain. A rare pose where you sit with both knees raised. The branches of broad-leaved trees turn red, making you think of deepening autumn.

The orange and green costume decorated with oak fruits is a soft and calm autumn color scheme. It is a beautiful fairy that sits among the oak fruit and autumn leaves, which is also used in the traditional British coat of arms.

ancient oak

Customer's impressions

・Looking at her slender and beautiful legs is soothing (╹◡╹). Her clothes are all red and cute.

・The way she sits with her knees up in the fallen oak leaves and nuts is cute.

・She is a fairy who loves the overall calm colors and autumn-inspired designs. Crisalis has many works that have a seasonal feel, so I enjoy changing the display depending on the season ^^