Collection: Winter Dream Faerie

This fairy, named Winter Dream, expresses the sparkling beauty and wonder of snow. Puffy organza dresses and sparkling tiaras. A beautiful fairy in a graceful pose amidst the quietly shining snow.

winter dream

Customer's impressions

・It's so cute that I can't really tell where the problem is. The ballerina-like costume is also wonderful. It's pink and has a girlish pose, making me excited to look at it. (*Comments received from customers who purchased a 30% off fairy.)

・She has a very nice expression and a beautiful ballerina-like dress and pose. . . Truly enchanting! I wish I had picked you up sooner. I didn't have to worry about any uneven coloring.

-The winter collection of Crisalis is my favorite. I liked the beautiful fairy figure that looked like a snow ballerina. Her expression is also cute.


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