Collection: Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True is a work released by Crisalis Collectors Club Ltd in the UK as part of the Faerie Poppets series. Wishes are hopes, and prayers. 

Wishes Come True is a fairy full of cuteness! She looks up at you with her big eyes and smiles. The gorgeous crown, pale pink and lavender dress, and ballerina-like white toe shoes further enhance her cuteness. She is a Fortune Fairy who will make your dreams come true with the fairy stick she holds in her left hand.

Wishes Come True

Customer reviews (please scroll down)

・She has a slightly mischievous expression and a beautiful princess-like dress that is super cute!

・The pink dress, the slightly mischievous smile, and the pose are so cute and soothing!

・The whole atmosphere and smile were very cute and I was interested. But this time I was honestly a little worried. I really liked the look on this child's face, but there was a note that said, ``There is a scar from the formation on the chest that is a little noticeable,'' but my PC's resolution was not good enough so I couldn't see it in the photo. . . but, it was cheaper, so I took the plunge and bought it, knowing it would be damaged. When I took it out of the styrofoam, I saw this child's smile (especially her sparkling eyes) and thought, "I'm glad it's this child!" Pick up a fluffy, girly dress. . . It's such an adorable pose and it's so soothing! This child's scars are certainly a little noticeable. . . However, her expression is so adorable that I don't even care about that. I wonder if this child is a bit of a tomboy because of the scar? You can also see about it. I didn't notice any uneven coloring at all. “Welcome! I wanted to meet you!” I said out loud (lol)

・A cute fairy with a cute smile and a pink dress.

・First of all, her expression is cute! The magic stick (?), costume, and pose are all so cute!