Collection: Angel of the New Dawn

A beautiful angel who has just woken up to a new dawn, a new beginning. The delicate feathers have a delicate gradation from gold to light blue to pink. Topaz-colored stones shine in the morning sun on the soft costume.

new dawn

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・I've been looking for it since I missed out on it, but it's always sold out and I regret buying it sooner. As everyone wrote, as soon as I put it up, it became instantly gorgeous, and I was glad I didn't give up.

・The pose and wings are so beautiful that I wanted to have one someday. I don't care about the damage to the outer box, and I thought this baby would be beautiful even from a distance, so I took the plunge and picked it up. The condition of the box was really terrible (lol) but it doesn't matter. I wasn't too worried about brush marks or uneven coloring. I didn't notice it in the photo, but the stones on the dress are really beautiful when the light hits them. She is truly a beautiful angel. I'm glad to have you.

-Angel of dawn, her expression and dress are both very beautiful and gorgeous. The back view of the bird is very beautiful with its wings shining in rainbow colors.

・I was on backorder last time, but I'm happy to finally be able to order it. Thank you very much.

・Thank you very much for this very beautiful figure! As soon as I put it up in the entryway, it immediately felt very gorgeous and I was very satisfied with how it created a beautiful space♪ The store responded quickly and courteously, so I felt safe. I was able to do some shopping (^^)♪