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She holds the star of Seraphim, the seraph who is said to be the closest to God , and shines her heavenly light on you. Her beautiful wings and graceful figure wearing an elegantly decorated gown are the epitome of spiritual beauty. Bask in her light and feel the angelic presence, joy, and radiance.

Bright Seraphim

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・For the past week or so, I suddenly felt extremely attracted to her, and even though I didn't know why, I accepted her. I'm happy that it actually arrived in my hands, but for some reason I feel extremely relieved. It's really strange. I am looking forward to the time we will spend together!

・Perhaps because of the position in which Bright Seraphim is displayed, the star in my hand looks very bright from where I usually sit. It can be interpreted as telling me to find the light within myself, and it also seems like a message for me in the future. I'm glad to have her here, and I enjoy looking at them every day.

・I always take a good look at the facial features before ordering from your company and choosing the one I like, and every time I open the box, I am amazed and think that there is no better child (lol). When I saw the real thing, I couldn't help but sigh and say nothing. I always feel that your dolls are of high quality. The colors are so rich and the features are so dignified! I felt like I was wrapped in a swaddle of indescribable happiness. This doll has a divine feel to it, and I feel that the Crisalis collection is top-notch. Her face and appearance are graceful and dignified, giving off a strong sense of spirituality. The word "beautiful". Welcome to my home. Braava! !

・This angel has a strong aura of a seraph, and every time we make eye contact, it feels like the stars in our hands are sending us good vibrations.

・A very beautiful angel has arrived☆ I am displaying it on my dresser and looking at it enchantingly. It's so beautiful that I ordered another one~♪ If you like angels, you'll definitely fall in love with it☆


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