Collection: Angel of the Healing Crystal

What the angel holds in her hands is a cluster of crystals with healing power. A soft pink gown with lots of rhinestones sparkling on the delicate pleats. Blessed angels bring you unconditional love and light.

healing crystal

Customer reviews (please scroll down)

・I can feel the strength in the eyes that stare firmly ahead. One of the great things about the Crisalis collection is the sparkle in the eyes. I think the details are really well made. I liked the look on her face in the photo, so I took her in. She was really kind and nice, and I was even more impressed when I met her in person. I didn't notice any uneven coloring, etc.

・Even though it is small, I can feel the healing power that is very strong. You cherish.

・I finally got it♪ It's the angel I've always wanted. It was very nice and worth the wait. thank you very much.

・I bought this because I thought it would look good with the angelic (?) costume and facial expressions. The real thing is cuter than the photo and I was very happy (although the photo is cute enough). Although she is small, she is an angel with a dignified expression.

・It was a very pretty angel, and I couldn't help but stare at the intricate details for a while. I'm not really good with dolls, but I feel like this angel has an indescribable beauty and purity. The pink color of the clothing is reflected in the crystal clusters, creating a truly mesmerizing beauty. She must have come to me by chance, and I want to cherish her. I also appreciate the prompt shipping. Thank you very much for your help.