Collection: Angel of Perfect Love

A beautiful angel wrapped in many roses and spreading its soft wings. A rose is a symbol of love. The angels open your heart to receive that unconditional love and surround you with perfect love.

perfect love

Customer reviews (please scroll down)

・It's a mesmerizingly cute angel that looks like a sweet cake decorated with white and pink petals.

・I like it because it is a very beautiful angel ^^ I would like to display it carefully.

・My favorite among the Crisalis figurines is “Perfect Love.” She was the first angel I ever met, and I have a lot of fond memories of her. I already have one, but I really wanted this one to be autographed, so ever since I received an email announcing the limited sale, I couldn't wait.

・I didn't notice uneven coloring at all with this child. I'm really happy to be able to welcome her safely! I held it in my hands and said, ``This is it!'' and I was almost in tears. The overall atmosphere is gentle and the details are really beautiful. Most of all, I'm happy to see her staring back at me. You're actually alive, right? It makes me want to ask. . . Enchanted. . . Is happy. thank you!

・She is my favorite of the Crisalis angels, and I was looking forward to it being restocked. I sent this as a gift to a friend and he was very pleased. Thank you for your quick and courteous response.

・Of course, I received the same item as the photo. However, since the photo looks many times larger than the real thing, the color unevenness is hardly noticeable in real life. 30% off the top product was a great deal. thank you very much.

・I missed out on buying it last time while I was thinking about it, so I bought it right away this time. It is undeniably beautiful in color and shape. I'm really glad I bought it.