Collection: Tiny Toadstool Faerie

A cute fairy sitting on a pastel colored mushroom. Her hair and costume are decorated with very colorful, watercolor-like pansies. The beautiful light blue and pink wings and the round, small mushrooms are both very cute and attractive.

Tiny Toadstool

Customer's impressions

・The light blue of the feathers is brighter than in the photo, and the colorful pansy corolla is gorgeous, and the baby-like appearance is really cute. The mushrooms are softer in color than the photo and look like macarons. The roses from Rose Pettle Fairies that I previously purchased looked like sugar candy, so it was perfect to put them next to each other to make them look delicious.

・It's so cute that you can't help but smile just by looking at it. ^^ The store's response is quick and very kind. thank you.