Collection: Keeper of Dreams

When you dream, this angel looks at your most cherished dreams. And she will warm and protect that dream with her heart. Large wings with beautiful curves and a gentle gaze that gazes at dreams. The silver moon and star ornament is a lucky charm that will make your dreams come true.

keeper of dreams

Customer's impressions

・I never expected such a charming lady to come! At night, all the angels begin to sparkle under the lights, making it look very magical.

・I really liked her gentle and calm expression. This indescribable pose and gentle gaze make me feel relieved. For the first time since I met this angel, I felt the warmth of the curve of the wings as if it were wrapping me up. I really feel how good this angel is. I've added more favorites. When I see them next to "New Dawn", I get the feeling that they are very friendly and it makes me feel at ease.

・Thank you for meeting this wonderful angel!

・The last time I bought a faerie, it was very beautiful and I liked it, so I ordered the angel this time. Thank you very much.


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