Collection: White Winter Jasmine Faerie

Beautiful fairy of white jasmine flowers. A beautiful fairy sitting in the floral scent of jasmine and staring at you.

winter jasmine

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・The real thing was more wonderful than I imagined. When I picked up the winter jasmine, my hands trembled (^^;)

・I was very satisfied with this limited sale as well, with a very rich selection of products. “Winter Jasmine” was especially wonderful. The expression captured at the moment when the fairy looks upwards is really cute and looks like it's about to start moving. I also liked the simple and cute colors.

・I had been dying to meet her after seeing her on Pinterest, but I had given up thinking it would probably not be possible. Her eyes look like they're staring at me all the time, and they look like they're alive and she's really cute. I can't believe it came out of the styrofoam. When I put them face to face in ``Wishes Come True,'' they seemed to become friends right away. It's getting more and more lively. I am very happy to be able to welcome this child.

- I fell in love with angels at Atworth, and fell in love with her again at first sight and bought this fairy as well. It has a beautiful shape no matter where I look at it, and it has a great expression. (The beauty of the construction is like one or two of the fairies I've purchased...) Even though the ornaments are good, the beauty is that it blows away any worries I had before purchasing. I ended up buying several more after this...