Collection: Angel of Answered Prayer

When we face difficult events in life and cannot see the way forward, know that angelic help is there. This angel will teach you and encourage you that your prayers are always reaching the angels and that you will receive an answer.

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- All of the angels and fairies of Crisalis are truly beautiful, but this angel is so beautiful that it seems like it's a milestone. I'm really grateful to have you here.

- Wonderful quality that exudes gorgeousness, style, and dignity! All the other girls are beautiful, but she has dark eyes that sparkle, making her a mysterious angel who looks like she's about to talk.

・When I was looking at the sale page, I did feel like I heard someone say, "Quickly, look further down the page!"? Anyway, I quickly proceeded to the page, and this girl was waiting for me there! I wanted to welcome her without hesitation. I didn't really notice any brush marks or uneven coloring on this. She looks kind and cuter than I expected. The moist eyes that seem to stare up at the sky, and the color (especially mint blue) and shape of the wings are also wonderful. If I don't include wings, she's probably the tallest of all the angels I've brought into my home, so this pose feels like she's saying, ``Leave it to me!'' and it feels reliable. I like it very much.

・It's amazing to have three beautiful angels lined up in "Touching Heaven" and "Angel of Comfort." The atmosphere is solemn and enchanting. I'm really glad to have her.