Collection: Touching Heaven

A beautiful angel is about to release a dove towards heaven. Its golden wings are spread high and wide. The costume, layered with golden brocade, also has a solemn beauty. A beautiful angel who will grow your spirit.

touching heaven

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・The soft coloring is very nice and you won't get tired of it even if I look at it for a long time. The color of the wings was particularly pale and lovely, and I felt like an angel with a figure like this really existed. Thank you very much for the wonderful encounter.

・It's really beautiful. I love Touching Heaven. The angel I welcomed earlier was very beautiful and I love it, but this child is also wonderful! Each one has a slightly different facial expression, so it looks like they have different personalities. It looks like it's alive. I'm really happy to have her! These angels love it so much that they want one in each room! When I put the two of them side by side, I can really feel the warmth of hand painting.

・I am so moved that this beautiful angel, who is like a symbol of peace, came to my house. When displayed alongside Comfort, both have a divine presence.

・I have admired you since the first time I saw it. I've looked at the photos many times, but I feel so happy to actually be able to hold them in my hands. Overall, she has a solemn beauty, with a white-based dress and gold in the shape of her wings. The scratches were small, but a little more noticeable than I expected. But it doesn't bother me because of the way the light hits it. It's a very nice look. I really like her gentle smile and the way her mouth looks like it's tied tightly, giving me a sense of nobility. It's too nice. I'm so happy to have you that I feel like crying.

・Finally, the angel of my dreams has arrived! It's just as I imagined, or rather, just as I saw in the picture (^^) It's really wonderful!

・I am collecting Crisalis's works little by little. I was interested in Angel but couldn't get it, but I'm glad I was able to purchase it here. Her facial expressions and other aspects were just as I expected, very beautiful.