Angel's Triangle


How to make an angel triangle

Arrange one angel and two fairies to form a triangle with the angel at the top.

You can make as many triangles as you want, small or large. If it is small, the power will be stronger, and if it is large, the field of healing and purification will expand. The more you have, the stronger the healing and awareness effect will be.

Example of placement 1

This is an example of placing one on the kitchen counter, one on the shelf in the living room, and one on the table. The dining and living rooms become spaces of healing and awareness. If you place them in three separate locations in the same room, the room will be surrounded by bright light.

Example of placement 2

Example of placement 2

A small triangle made of three bodies on a shelf in the living room has the strongest power as a power spot. The image is that strong light is emitted from the shelf. Another triangle is created with one on the shelf, one on the TV stand, and one by the window, giving the impression that the entire living room is bathed in bright light.

Example of placement 3

Example of placement 3

A large triangle is created with one in the study, one in the children's room, and one in the bedroom. If placed in a separate room in the house, it will have a calming effect of healing and awareness throughout the house. The image is that the entire house is surrounded by soft light.

The image is for illustrative purposes only. You cannot actually see the light, and some customers may have trouble finding a place to put it. The locations and combinations are free, and there are no restrictions. Try out as many different placements as you can and choose the one that feels best.

About the triangle effect

The Angel's Triangle is a method devised at Atworth that applies the quantum entrainment theory, which is attracting attention around the world, and the three-point method (triangulation) of clinical psychology.

The triangle effect is brought about by your own "pure awareness." Angel and fairy figurines do not emit energy, but rather serve to expand your awareness and amplify your energy.

For customers who have already welcomed three or more angels or fairies, try slightly changing the way you place the angels or fairies you currently have, or try imagining the light created by the triangle of angels that are currently placed. please look. Any combination of angels and fairies is OK. Even if you don't know difficult theories, you can see the effect just by imagining it.