Story of Angels and Fairies


Angel story

After the early modern period, depictions of angels changed to innocent children or feminine figures. This change was the result of the influence of Cupid (the messenger of the goddess Venus) in Roman mythology during the Renaissance.

The angels in the Crisalis Collection are all depicted with gentle feminine figures. In other words, the origin of the angels of Crisalis is Roman mythology during the Renaissance. So, what did angels look like before that?

Angels and Gods

angel05 Angels are messengers of God who appear primarily in the scriptures and traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The English word "angel" comes from the Greek "angelos" and refers to a messenger of God. In Japanese scriptures, they are also called "Mitsukai (divine messenger)."

Angels are roughly divided into two groups. The first angel is an angel that appears in the Old and New Testaments, and they do not have wings and sometimes appear in the form of ordinary people. Sometimes it is not visible, but when it is visible, it is said to be a male figure. The second angels were seraphim, cherubim, and ophanim, and were depicted as monstrous figures with many eyes and wings.

Christian angel

Early Christian angels appeared as young men and did not initially have wings. The widespread image of winged angels is the result of a mixture of different faiths and concepts of spirits.

In medieval European paintings, angels were depicted with wings and often dressed in Western clothing. The angels that make up the "Heaven's Choir" are depicted as beautiful boys, the Archangel Gabriel is depicted as an elegant male figure, and Michael, who fights against evil, is depicted as a brave warrior wearing armor and holding a sword. it was done.

Angels as a polytheistic element

angel01 Because angels function similarly to the gods of other religions, they are sometimes incorporated into Monotheism, the Abrahamic religion, and considered a polytheistic element. The ``messenger of God'' and ``messenger of Yahweh'' that appear in the Five Books of Moses are expressions of Yahweh (the only God) and are equated with Yahweh.

On the other hand, angels are described as "serving spirits," and the expressions "serving spirits" and "heavenly host" in the Old Testament are used during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews (the period when the Jews were captured by the Babylonian kingdom). It is said that this idea was born after the Jews were liberated by Cyrus II, king of Persia, and ended when they returned to Jerusalem. Angels with specific names, such as Michael and Raphael, first appear in post-exilic texts.

Free and universal beauty

faerie02 The angels of the Abrahamic religions are different from the image of angels that Christine paints. The angels in the Crisalis Collection are depicted as gentle feminine figures dating back to Renaissance Roman mythology.

The angels of Crisalis are not bound by any particular religious views, and have a beauty that is more free and widely accepted. This makes it an attractive entity that is not bound by any particular religion or idea.

Fairy story

Fairies are spirits and supernatural beings that appear in legends, folk tales, and myths from various cultures. They live in places hidden from the human eye and are highly spiritual beings, possessing beauty, celestial brilliance, mysticism, and mysterious abilities. They are considered to be fickle and fickle in nature.

Meaning of "fairy"

faerie06 The fairy's special abilities are also reflected in its name. "Fairy" has two spellings: "fairy" and "faery." They evolved into English from French, Latin, and Persian "Pari."

The word "fey" (supernatural) is also of Latin origin and has the same meaning as "fae." The Latin word fata refers to knowledge of fate and the ability to manipulate good fortune, divine blessings, and curses, which are considered attributes of fairies in mythology.

Fairies are known for casting illusions and changing emotions, and they are portrayed as seductive and secluded.

About the angel and fairy of Crisalis

Crisalis' angel and fairy figures are full of cuteness and have the power to heal your heart. Its adorable expressions and poses bring solace to your daily life, and the images of angels and gentle fairy designs will soothe your heart. The Crisalis Collection is like a gift from heaven, with exquisite design and color that brings even more solace.

This collection has healing power, allowing you to feel calm and free from everyday fatigue and stress. The existence of angels and fairies has been considered sacred since ancient times, and their images have soothed the hearts of many people. Just looking at the smiling faces of the fairies is soothing, and by displaying them in your room, you can expand your healing space. Collect them and enjoy a happier mood.