How to make decoupage and shadow boxes

Decoupage from the Crisalis collection can be used as a shadow box, handcrafted material, or displayed as is! Ideas spread the fun.

As an example, here we will introduce the process of creating a shadow box using Brambly Hedge (die-cut) sheets.


Prepare sheets and tools

Photo 1 : This example uses Brambly Hedge sheets.

Photo 2 : Tools are sold separately. Please prepare separately at a home center, etc.

(1) Knife. You can use scissors or a utility knife, but a design knife like the one in the photo is useful for cutting out small parts.

(2) Tweezers. Convenient when pasting small parts.

(3) Silicone glue, filler. Used to attach parts while increasing height. Waterproof silicone bond is OK. Use clear (transparent) color.

(4) Finishing agent. It adds shine and prevents fading. Also called a sealer, a spray type is recommended because it is easy to use.

cut out the parts

Photo 3 : In this example, we will use the part shown in red. The necessary parts are printed in about 1/3 of the A4 size space.


Photo 4 : The parts of the die-cut series are pre-cut, so they can be easily cut out.

Photo 5 : Carefully cut out sheets other than die-cut using scissors, cutter, design knife, etc. (When using a cutter, knife, etc., place cardboard or a cutter mat underneath.)

Photo 6 : Even with die-cut sheets, it is more convenient to use a knife for fine details.


Photo 7 : Be careful not to lose the cut out parts. Numbers are printed on the die-cut sheets in the order in which they are pasted. It is easier to understand if you arrange them in numerical order.

Wear silicone.

Photo 8 : You can apply silicone directly to the parts, but it will be cleaner if you apply an appropriate amount to a bamboo comb or toothpick before applying it.

Photo 9 : Place it on the back of the part so that it is taller than it is stretched horizontally.


Photo 10 : It is placed in 4 places.

Photo 11 : Place the parts on the picture that will become the mount.

Photo 12 : Pasted the first part.


Photo 13 : This is what it looks like from the side. You can see that the parts are raised due to the thickness of the silicone.

Photo 14 : The next part. Use your fingers to round the parts that will be on the surface to give them an expression. Create a natural three-dimensional look by slightly bending the creases of the skirt.

Photo 15 : Press or gently squeeze the cut edges with a bamboo comb or toothpick to give them a rounded shape.


Photo 16 : Place silicone on each part and paste.

Photo 17 : Glue the pieces together to gradually create a three-dimensional effect.

Photo 18 : Adjust the height of the silicone and tilt the parts to create a natural three-dimensional effect.


Photo 19 : Use tweezers for small parts.

Photo 20 : Almost finished.

Photo 21 : At this point, let's look at it from the side.


Photo 22 : Use tweezers to carefully attach small parts such as flowers.

spray the finish

Photo 23 : Add gloss with finishing agent. Also called a sealer, it also protects against fading. We recommend using a spray as it is easy to use. The photo shows an acrylic hobby spray.


Photo 24 : The one and only Crisalis collection in the world is complete! It takes about 1 hour to reach this point. A cute Brambly Hedge fairy popped out from about a third of the space on the A4 size sheet. I placed the completed sheet in a frame specifically designed for shadow boxes. (Special frames can be purchased at specialized art supply stores. Also, 100 yen shops sell frames of various depths. Please choose according to the size and height of the work.)