Christine Haworth was born in Blackburn in Lancashire, England and has been drawing and painting since early childhood.

After graduating with a degree in illustration Christine started her career as a freelance illustrator and a figurative artist. She presented her work at many exhibitions in the late 70’s and 80’s and received excellent reviews.

By the early 90’s Christine had become an established artist and was selected to design the Isle of Man Christmas Stamp in 1993. Soon after the success of this project Christine made the decision to branch out into licensing her designs under the Crisalis Brand. These have been licensed in many forms including collectable figurines, greeting cards, dolls, cross- stitch, de-coupage, mugs and collectors plates.

Christine Haworth’s Design range includes Paintbox Poppets, Faerie Poppets, Crisalis Classics, Meadow Cottage Bears, Dream Tide, Pigling the Pog and her very latest edition Angel Whispers. Christine’s subjects are imaginative and nostalgic. She has also had the privilege to design the costumes for the Covent Garden Royal Ballet’s ‘Cinderella’ choreography by Sir Fredrick Ashton which was staged in December 2003.

“Angel Whispers”, “Faerie Poppets”, and “Paintbox” are enchanting collections of individually numbered and limited edition cold cast figurines created from the stunning designs of Christine Haworth.

Each piece is individually handmade and hand painted with the utmost attention to detail. Each piece has an serial number on the underside of each figurine which is your guarantee of quality, collectability and authenticity.

First produced in greeting cards format and collectors plates in 1993. Collector’s figurines were produced in 1995 and took the UK gift industry by storm. Many other licensed products followed both in the collectable market, lifestyle and homewares sectors. Never has the innocence of childhood been so perfectly captured in such imaginative detail.

Following on from the tremendous success of Paintbox Poppets, Faerie Poppets were introduced in the year 2000 in the form of greeting cards and other giftware. Never have faeries been so magically interpreted. The designs take faeries to a new level of excellence while retaining their incredible beauty and detail. These are the definitive archetypal faerie.

This wonderfully imaginative series is based on the deep sea world of mermaids and sea sprites. They were introduced into the market in 2001 as a range of collectable figurines and decoupage. Never has such an incredible series on this subject been created.

Introduced in 2003 in the form of collectable figurines, decoupage, lazer art blocks, collectors plates, gift bags and boxes. This unique range brings the angelic realms to you with ethereal costume design, exquisitely decorated feathered wings and truly beautiful faces.

Terms and Conditions

“Angel Whispers”, “Faerie Poppets”, and “Paintbox” are enchanting collections of individually numbered and limited edition cold cast figurines created from the stunning designs of Christine Haworth.

Each piece is individually handmade and hand painted with the utmost attention to detail. Each piece has an serial number on the underside of each figurine.

Due to hand painting, there are some color spots and/or partial discoloration on every figurine. Please see the pictures for the detailed conditions.

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